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The sandbox is a collection of in-progress and completed digital media projects.

// The Wind Visualizer

  • The Wind Visualizer is an on-going prototype that can be demonstrated by manually entering a wind speed or by entering a city and state. Future project goals entail using an anemometer to obtain local wind data that will be broadcasted.

// Voicing Data

  • Voicing Data is a video documenting a sediment model's processes of accretion and erosion through its relation to a dynamically forming and evolving surface morphology. The elevation of the changing surface was recorded with an ultra-sonic sensor, scaled, and mapped onto a 10-octave range of musical notes. The resulting vocalization with accompanying soundtrack, creates an intuitive, learned experience between complex datasets and visual and auditory cues.

    I contributed by composing, developing, and implementing the methodology to create the 'voice' of the data within the sountrack.